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''Fashion Handbags to make you look ‘Classy and Fabulous’ 


Today Fashion plays an important role in everyone’s life. Be it women or men, all want to look luxurious and in line with the latest fashion trend. With increase consciousness about fashion, everyone wants to owe the latest fashion accessories. People love to owe fashion handbags made with the latest design. At Bludust, we offer the latest handbags to our customers with trendy colors at nominal price tags. Women will fall in love with our designer bags. Our clients will be seen carrying it on a day-to-day basis and flaunt it with their stylish outfits. The bags are spacious enough to store your day-to-day needs. Look stylish and stunning with luxurious leather handbags from Bludust.in. We guarantee you to fall in love with our premium range of leather handbags. The bags we offer are available to our clients in a wide array of designs, sizes, and colors.


Bludust offers leather bags to its customers that are chic and classic, to keep them up to date with the latest fashion in trend. Be it a teenager, girls in their twenties, or women in fifties, Bludust has to bags for people of all age group. Available in different hues and styles, sophisticated leather bags from Bludust ooze a lot of fashion and style. There are tote bags, sling bags available in vibrant and fun shades to give you a vibrant look. The bags are hard to resist and clients will end up purchasing from Bludust.


Make a fashion statement with even a simple outfit with chic handbags from Bludust. Enhance your simple outfit by carrying trendy designer yet trendy handbags online from Bludust. The bags are extremely stylish and fashionable. The bags have a luxurious finish which will help one look luxurious on a budget. Every woman should own a piece of leather handbags and why go elsewhere when you are at the best place. Purchase a piece from Bludust.


The best part of handbag from Bludust is that each handbag can be paired with either an ethnic outfit or a western outfit. Carrying a ‘Boho’ look or a traditional ‘Puja’ look, our handbags goes well with every outfit. Also, the handbags are just more than an accessory. It is super useful as you can carry a lot of your everyday day-to-day requirements in it. Want a small bag for a party to just keep lipstick and phone, then purchase a small handbag from Bludust. Or want medium size bag to keep few books for everyday college, then we have many options available with us at Bludust. There are handbags available for every mood and occasion. It is also an ideal item to gift to loved ones. Want to give a handbag to your mother or sister, then select from Bludust, as we have a wide array of designs at price tags that will not hurt you at all.



The handbags that we offer in Bludust are made of 100% genuine leather. There is no compromise made in the quality. We believe in customer satisfaction and trust. We offer genuine material in the handbag. We bet customers will have no complaints regarding the material as no compromise has been made in the material. Customers are the priority of Bludust and by offering genuine material and top-notch design, we aspire to be the top seller of fashionable handbags in the Indian Market. The aim to be the best is not possible without our customers. The craftsman of Bludust designs each handbag keeping the latest design in mind.


The handbags are available in different shades ranging from electric blue to blush pink. All the bags are very versatile and can be used for different occasions and purposes. The bags are durable and long-lasting. One bag will be lasting you for years and years if it is maintained a bit. Leather is a type of material that requires a little care and will be lasting one for years. Every alternate day wipes it with a damp cloth and uses a leather conditioner to keep the bag moisturized to avoid the occurrence of wrinkles. Clean it thoroughly once or twice a year. This way the bag will last you for years.



Leather handbags are certainly the best thing in a women’s closet. The concept of using leather bags can be traced back hundreds of centuries ago. We have seen our great-grandmother, grandmother, and our mother using it. Leather bags never go out of fashion and give an affluent and expensive feel. The richness of the leather material will turn heads and our client’s friends and relatives will end up complimenting them. Receive enormous appreciation with vibrant handbags from Bludust. We guarantee you that the product you purchase from us will never go off fashion. Be it winter or summer or spring, our leather handbags will fit every fall session.


A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous. Look extremely classy and fabulous with handbags from Bludust. The latest versatile bag will never fail to make you look dead drop gorgeous. The nominal price tag will not create a hole in your pocket and you will never get such handbags anywhere in the market. We bet it is the best place to buy fashion handbags online in India. So why think anymore, just order the handbag of your choice from bludust online, today.


Purchasing with Bludust is hassle-free. Just select your product, add to cart, select mode of payment and get your product delivered in days at your doorstep. To make the shopping experience more hassle-free, Bludust offers many payment mode options. Select the one that suits you best. A gateway method is also added to ensure shopping with Bludust is 100% safe. Trust is an important factor for Bludust and we thrive to build ling lasting and trustworthy relationship with our client. We are 100% sure that our clients will keeping coming back to us and purchase more and more products. Order your latest fashion leather handbags from Bludust, today. 

Take your style game a step higher with a classic, retro bag from Bludust. The bag is beautifully crafted for the chic in you. The bags have a unique texture that will make others appreciate your taste. The bag of women is an integral part of her outfit with says a lot about the individual. A handbag is more than a sack to carry essentials. The bag is a fashion statement, a way of expressing one’s style and creativity. We offer bags of varying shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. Select the one from a wide array of designs that suits you the best. Grab the best handbag at the best offered price from us. We bet you will come back, again and again, to get the latest trendy bags in the market. 


At Bludust, we not only offer trendy bags but bags that are durable and affordable. We have bags for different occasions and different moods. Want a casual bag for your office or college? Or want one for a party? We have it all at Bludust. You can keep all your essentials in the bag and not worry about their quality or holding capacity. The bags manufactured at Bludust are highly durable which will last you for years. There are bags in small, medium, and large sizes. Bludust also offers various types of bags. There are totes, satchels, handheld handbags, and much more. At Bludust the price is so affordable that you can purchase more than one bag and add class to yourself. 


Keeping recent trends in mind, the professionals of Bludust manufacture bags with a lot of thought and love. Each bag is designed keeping the recent trend in mind. The hues of the bags are also selected keeping the recent fashion needs in mind. At Bludust, we offer bags available in varying colors. From dark shades to English colors comprising of pastel blue and blush pink, we have it all for our highly fashionable clients. The handbags are very versatile and will go with many of our outfits. One bag more different occasions and mood only at Bludust. So what are you thinking? You are in the best place in the market and are about to make the best purchase ever. Guarantee you to be appreciated for the product you purchase from us. You will keep coming back to us for more and more and the latest in town. So think no more, and click right now. The bags from Bludust will add a lot of character to your outfit and will be a perfect accessory to complete your outfit and make you stand out. The bags are made in elegant design and are very lightweight made of top-notch quality. The design, color, and quality are to die for. Inside the bag, there are several compartments which will make life easy for our clients. With several compartments, clients can keep their materials in separate compartments. With this, life will be so much easy and handier. 


There are several factors that one should consider while purchasing from Bludust. A person should select the size of the bag as per their needs. We have bags in small, medium, and large sizes. A person should select the design type depending on the purpose. We have a wide design for various purposes. We have bags for office, colleges, universities, parties, gifting purposes, etc. Select depending on where you want it to be used for. A leather bag is also the best gift option to be given as a gift to a lady. The lady will surely appreciate and love the bag. Select the color of your bag depending on whether you want it to be used with a single outfit for the various outfit. A classic black or brown bag can go with several of your outfits. All the bags of Bludust are made of leather. A leather bag never goes of Fashion no matter where you want to carry it. Shop unique leather handbags made by our finest Artisans. The product is made of 100% leather. The high vintage bag will add a lot of life and it is lightweight, so can be carried without much difficulty. Each bag is designed for a purpose and we assure you to love our products. 


Cleaning and protection Instruction


The bag is made in leather, so it is water-resistant. Exposure of the bag to too much water can destroy its shine and texture. The Bag can be cleaned using a wet wipe. Or to clean the leather bag, mix a solution of warm water and dish soap or baby shampoo. Then dip a soft cloth into the solution and wipe your bag. Then again use a second clean, damp soap to wipe off the soap completely. After that use a dry towel to dry it. Warm, soapy water will remove water stains and scuffs. 


The bag can also be washed in a washing machine. First, empty your bag. Pour around ¼ cup castile soap in the washing machine. Then drop the bag, then set the washer to Gentle Cycle. After that bring the bag out of the machine and then protect dry it. Protect the bag with some leather conditioner. Do not dry the leather bag in direct sunlight as it can damage leather. Dry it in a warm room as too much heat can be harmful. Sun and leather do not go hand in hand. Exposure to direct sunlight can fade and dry leather. These are the two common problems faced if the leather is exposed to direct sunlight. Do not use too Harsh Chemicals or acid-like substances on the leather bag. You just need to be a little careful while maintain the leather bag. 


Protect your leather bags by applying Vaseline. The petroleum jelly property of the Vaseline will soften the leather and prevent the appearance of cracks on the bag. Make sure to apply the jelly with a clean and lint-free cloth. This way your bag will be protected and can be used for years without any distortion of the material. We at Bludust, offer our clients the best product, at the best possible price. The quality we offer is 100% leather. 


Purchase leather bags from Bludust

Looking for a classic leather bag that is highly stylish? Then go nowhere as you are in the best place in the market. At Bludust, we offer our clients a wide array of designs and colors. We bet our clients will fall in love with our collection while browsing and end up purchasing. We not only offer our bags in a highly affordable range, but we also assure to provide clients with the best material which will last them for years. The vibrant chic handbags will surely make you look vibrant. So what are you waiting for? Select, click, choose a mode of payment and get your product delivered to your doorstep. The product will be delivered in just a few days after making the purchase. There are a wide array of payment options available, to make your purchase easy. You can opt for Cash on Delivery or choose from wide on the mode of online payment category. Experience the most hassle-free online weather bag shopping experience by purchasing from Bludust. Guaranteed the best quality and affordable handbags in the market. We live to what we say and we bet you will not regret it. 



Is the bag durable? 

Leather bags are quite strong and durable. It is the best material for a bag. With good finishing touch, leather bags are highly durable. Moreover, at Bludust, we offer leather bags that are 100% genuine. If kept and maintained properly, the bag will last for years. Leather bags are worth every penny as it is known for durability and resistance. That is why it is one of the reasons why most handbags are made of leather. 


Can I personalize the bag?

At Bludust we offer a wide array of products in different styles, patterns, and colors. We guarantee our clients will love the existing products. Bags at Bludust is not subject to customization. 


How to take care of the leather bag?

At Bludust we care about our customers and every penny they spent. In the above section, there is a detailed explanation given on how to take care of the leatherback. Thus, the details will help our clients to maintain the bag and use it for a long duration. Only a little maintenance is needed to maintain the bag and last it for years and years. 


Can it hold an umbrella?

It depends on the size of the umbrella and the size of your bag. The bags from Bludust has several compartments having the capacity to hold stuff depending on the size of the bag and size of the stuff. 


What is the mode of payment available? 

At Bludust we offer products to our clients through various payment modes, to make the shopping experience easy and completely free from all the hassle. The available payment modes are ---------.